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Scarlett Ciu-ciu

is a writer, editor, and photographer with over a decade of experience and a B.S. in journalism. She has covered mudslides in Northern California, mimes in Philadelphia, bowling centers in England, and jellyfish in space. Her photographic works include snow-covered piers, suicidal blow-up dolls, human bones, jesus action figures, and Mongolian contortionists. She is now traveling the world.

Senior Editor
Nathaniel Eaton

has jumped freight trains, been a circus clown, dropped melons from construction cranes, writ- ten a sex advice column, acted in low-budget films, auditioned numerous times for Survivor, and has published a play about Morocco. His writing has appeared in the NY Daily News, NY Post, SF Weekly, FHM, Pursuit, and Rev Magazine. He teaches writing with Dave Eggers at 826 Valencia.

Senior Editor
Lisa Monhoff

As an historian and archivist, Lisa is currently employed at a Northern California cartoon art museum, where she is responsible for managing a dynamic research library and providing exhibition planning assistance. She earned a B.A. in history from the University of Washington and an M.L.I.S. from San Jose State University, while working at various academic and corporate libraries and archives in Seattle, New York, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Lisa recently moved to a hillside hide-a-way along the Russian River in Sonoma County with her tremendously animated dog, Memo.

Art Consultant
Paul Rangel

is co-owner of Wheeler Street Design, a Bay Area firm specializing in Web development.

Associate Editor
Noelani Garcia

has labored over pieces ranging from Vietnam/drug lore fiction to martial arts articles to energy therapy workshop manuals. With an MFA in creative writing from the New College of California, her own writing has appeared in a New College press anthology, Controlled Burn, as well as a collaborative art-
poetry show at the Canvas Gallery.

Fiction Editor
Sharon Reynolds

is a science writer and poet currently living in exile in Baltimore, Maryland. If she gets to have a beer with John Waters, she will consider the move worthwhile.

Assistant Editor
Harmony Zales

is an intensive care nurse in San Francisco. She has a passion for traveling to foreign lands. She had a life-changing experience when she worked and lived in New Zealand for seven months.

Contributing Editor
Greg Leonard

is a writer, editor, and photographer currently be- hind the wheel of a U-Haul heading northeast. Right now, he is most grateful for caffeine and his iPod.

Selena Welz

is a senior editor at a publishing company in San Francisco. She is also an expert pumpkin carver.