The backside of a train ticket
prudish like that and doesn't take kindly to licentious Westerners' public displays of erections.

6: Since you mustn't get caught, book an overnight trip. Which is the whole point of riding sleeper class, isn't it? You've got to wait until night, when everyone is all tuckered out. After dinner, the passengers wash up and lights go out about 10-ish. The darkened train snakes along the countryside. The sounds of snoring and coughing pepper the air. That's your cue to sneak out of your lower berth and, fixing the curtain behind you, climb up into the forbidden upper berth, slipping behind your accomplice, who by now should be trembling with delicious anticipation.
7: The right clothes are very important! Even now, spooned together on your bunk, hidden behind the curtain, you've got to take every precaution not to draw the attentions of passengers and train attendants who might be passing by, inches away. There's just not that much room up there. The sleeper berths are decent sized for one small person, but two? Fancy maneuverings are out of the question; practice your Kama Sutra back at the hotel.

Traditional Indian garments are best, I think. Sexiest thing ever would be a sari (but not very practical for a Western girl on an overnight train ride—it takes a lot of practice to wear those things). Most

sensible would be a loose skirt or perhaps a sarong-type wrap for the ladies. Trying to wriggle out of tight pants right now could break your cover plus leave you in a compromising position if something goes awry. Keep it simple. You just want to be able to lift that skirt and do the deed. No panties? All the better.

8: Personal Hygiene. You might want to think ahead if you've got 50 more hours on the train and only a squalid squat toilet and a bucket of giardia-infested water to clean oneself. Even in upper class berths, the bathroom situation is pretty bleak.

This could make for a very uncomfortable, unhealthy situation for the ladies. It's already hard enough to avoid getting sick while traveling, no need to wantonly compromise the immune system in such a careless fashion. Guys, think of it this way: if you don't take responsibility for her gynecological health now, how many good screws will you miss later on when she's nursing a nasty yeast infection, vaginosis, or worse?
The easiest thing here would be to slip on a condom to contain. In lieu of a rubber, ladies should brave the bathroom and make the effort to carefully wash up afterwards. Or time the encounter towards the end of the journey to minimize hours spent sopping wet, a gamey brew of love juice and bacteria marinating between those sumptuous thighs.

9: Ok, buddy. It's time. Everything is perfect. Curtain down. Skirt lifted. Her bare ass arched and ready for penetration. Let the soft chug chug chug suggest primal rhythms. Go slow. Don't cum too fast, you oaf! Let this be one of the most memorable fucks of your life. Don't go crazy and push her off the bunk. BE QUIET!!! Repeat as many times as necessary to achieve desired results.

10: Stick that peter back in your pants and climb back down to the lower berth when finished. Mission accomplished. Welcome, fellow member of the Choo-Choo Club!
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