Arndis (Ann Atmar)
DVD. Ann Atmar, who played Arndis, committed suicide shortly after the film- ing. The daughter of the actress who played Amael was kidnapped and killed a few years after the production. Leslie Stevens' production company went bank- rupt soon after Incubus was released and his marriage fell apart. Most dramatic of all, Milos Milos, the over-the-top incubus, killed Mickey Rooney's estranged wife the year after filming and then killed himself. Anthony Taylor, the film's producer, displays a macabre sense of humor during a Special Feature interview on the DVD when he comments, "The idea that he [Milos] would play the ultimate evil shows
Leslie's ability to cast."

These stories might well have been lost to all but the most dedicated connoisseurs of Hollywood tragedy. It seemed that all the remaining prints had been lost or de-stroyed until Taylor was finally able to track down a single, fragile copy at Cinemateque Francaise in Paris. From that print, a new, frame-by-frame optical neg-ative was generated, preserving Incubus for the next generation of Esperanto nerds, Trekkies, cinematography buffs, cult movie freaks, and anyone interested in seeing a blonde she-demon wrestle a goat for salvation.

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