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Oftentimes members of our staff have been asked what kind of magazine is en fuego, anyway—is it about pyrotechnics or a spanish-language publication? Not exactly. But with a name like en fuego, the question is bound to arise.

en fuego focuses on people and aspects of art and culture that deserve broader exposure or a fresh perspective—perhaps offbeat, obscure, or on the verge. Topics we want to share with our readers because we think they are hot. And by hot, we mean on fire. And by on fire, we mean en fuego.

In our premier issue, en fuego tackles many of the burning questions of our time—just where would Jesus go? What happens when someone serves Bush, Sr. brocolli? How do you join the choo-choo club? Where does baby corn come from? And what is up with Esperanto?

                    We hope you enjoy!
Cover: Nathaniel Eaton
Contents: John Lombardo
Staff/From the Editor:
Lisa Monhoff


Lenny Bedoian loves food of all kinds but is particularly smitten with Chinese cuisine. His article is an excerpt from a larger work in progress about Chinese food and the American experience. Originally from the East Coast, he now lives in Fresno, CA.

Cecilia Chapman lives in Northern California and attended Parsons School of Design in New York. "In all my work," she says, "I feel compelled to examine the human hunger for illusion, mystery and adventure and the images people choose to guide their lives."

John Lombardo is a virgin writer/photographer waiting to be defiled. He enjoys murder movies, bitter beer, noisy pop songs, and still believes all cameras steal souls. He lives in Chicago where he runs stationary [heart] recordings, an idependent record label.

Janie Neumann is a world traveler and photography en- thusiast who captured many photos of Jesus while they both seemed to be on holiday in the same place at the same time! She has recently moved to Perth, Scotland where she is saving the planet one tourist at a time.

Erica Rockaway is a freelance writer and specialist in all things rockin'. In her San Francisco flat, she is the only of the four residents who is not a musician, but she tries to strum a few chords on guitar now and then.

Arlo Tolesco is a sex writer and musician living in San Francisco. His work has appeared in the Good Vibrations magazine, Fleshbot, and Best American Sex Writing.
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